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Well, each year, the Big Long Lake Association provides residents who live in and around the lake with many services that help to make Big Long Lake one of the nicest lake areas in which to live and play. Please read below what the association does on your behalf.

What does the Association do on your behalf?

• One of the biggest services is filing paperwork for grants and working with the DNR to get large areas of the lake sprayed for weeds. With the LARE grant this year and additional funding by BLLA, over 128 acres of the lake were sprayed for milfoil, a persistent and spreading weed. This is a very expensive project and while the Association cannot fully fund spraying the entire lake, it has helped fund and get funding for this huge effort. Individuals can help the process by paying to spray in front of their own houses. 

• It pays for membership in the LaGrange County Lake Council that keeps lake associations abreast of lake issues and solutions.

• Funds helped pay for dredging the lake to remove silt and make the lake more navigable.

•The Association works with the DNR on projects such as dam maintenance, fish studies, public access use, dredging and weed control.

• Each year volunteers through the Association, capture and remove Canada geese from the lake and take them to another location which not only gets rid of the geese, but the waste they leave behind. In addition, goose eggs that are found are oiled so they will not hatch. Some lakes are paying $25 to remove each goose.

• The Association funds both the awesome fireworks and flotilla that have made the Fourth of July weekend a highlight for not only residents of Big Long Lake, but their many guests as well. Cost to the Association for fireworks is $12,500.

• Every other year members receive a new Lake Directory which is funded entirely by the Association.

 These are the major projects which are funded and managed by the Big Long Lake Association. There are other projects that are funded or manned by volunteers to keep the Association working. Lake residents are asked to join the Association for $40 a year to help fund these services.

If you haven’t already, please consider the benefits you are receiving and send your membership fee to:

Big Long Lake Association
P.O. Box 203
South Milford, IN 46786-0203